Planning a Beach Vacation with Your Complex Rehab Chair

Planning a Beach Vacation with Your Complex Rehab Chair

If you use a complex rehab chair to help you get around, then you might have felt that you can’t go on certain vacations or book certain trips because of it. If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. Many people who use complex rehab chairs feel like it sometimes holds them back.

We’re here to let you know that yours doesn’t have to anymore. There are wheelchair accessible beaches waiting for you around every corner.

At least once a year, you deserve to get away from your busy every-day life and find a nice and relaxing place to vacation. If you’re able to plan a vacation away from everything and everyone more than once a year, then go for it.

When’s the last time you thought about planning a beach vacation? Are you worried that your wheelchair could hold you back from doing all of the things you imagine doing when visiting the beach?

Here are some ways to start planning a beach vacation with your complex rehab chair.

Select Your Destination

Your first step is to select your destination. If you don’t already live near a beach, then you’ll need to consider where you want to travel to. The list of wheelchair accessible beaches is endless, but we’ve picked out a few good ones for you here.

Florida, USA

Florida is home to some of the best beaches in the country. Choosing one specific beach to place on this list is too difficult because almost any beach that you visit in Florida will have access mats or a boardwalk for easy beach access. The best thing to do is to take some time to research different wheelchair-friendly beaches in Florida.

Find one that seems most appropriate for you, and then ask about what other wheelchair accessible activities they offer. You might be surprised at how many different things you can do.

Sydney, Australia

If you’re wanting to plan a beach vacation outside of the country, then consider taking a trip to Sydney, Australia. When in Sydney, hitch a ride on a ferry over to Manly Beach. Once on this side of the harbor, you can travel along the boardwalk.

Do some shopping and check out the amazing views of the beaches. Most stores and beaches are wheelchair accessible.

Select Your Hotel

Once you’ve done a bit of research on wheelchair-friendly beaches, it’s time to select your hotel. When staying within the United States, all hotels are required to provide wheelchair accessibility. Booking a hotel room online should be a simple experience for those with complex rehab chairs.

This is not always the case, however. Not only do you need a room that’s wheelchair accessible, but you also need a room with all of the right accommodations. Be sure to call the hotel and ask if the room has a roll-in shower or accessible bathtub.

When booking a hotel outside of the country, be sure to call the hotel and ask about what accommodations they have and what makes their hotel and rooms wheelchair accessible.

Book Your Flight

If you’re traveling out of the country or to another state, then you’ll need to take time to book a good flight as well. Remember, a flight can either make or break your vacation, as it sets the tone. Not all airlines are the same when it comes to accommodating those in wheelchairs, complex rehab chairs, or other mobility devices.

Call the airlines as you did the hotel and ask about what accommodations they have in place. You’ll want to look at the layout of the plane and choose an aisle seat to make things more convenient for you. Don’t forget to look at the airports you’ll be flying both into and out of too.

Know what to expect before you get there.

Consider a Cruise

For an ultimate beach vacation with the least amount of planning involved, consider traveling on a cruise. Vacationing to the beaches via a cruise is one of the best ways to travel when using a complex rehab chair. Almost all cruise lines have special accommodations in place, and U.S. law requires that all cruise ships follow ADA guidelines.

Some cruise lines even offer accessible tour packages, which comes in handy when exiting the ship to explore the beaches. Be sure to call around and find a cruise line that can accommodate you the best.

Know if You’ll Need an Adapter 

If your chair will need charging while on vacation, then take the time to look into what types of outlets are used in the location you’re heading to. If you’re staying within the United States, then this isn’t something you’ll need to worry about.

If you’re traveling out of the country or on a cruise ship, then you’ll need to look into purchasing an adapter for the outlets. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a foreign location without the proper cord or adapter needed to charge your chair.

With Wheelchair Accessible Beaches and Other Accommodations, Your Vacation Will Be a Hit

When planning a beach vacation with your complex rehab chair, always prepare for what you know and plan for the unexpected. There are plenty of wheelchair accessible beaches both within the country and outside of the country.

It only takes a bit of planning and some research to find the perfect spot!

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