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The new Mobility Assistive Equipment regulations ensure that Medicare funds are used to pay for:

  1. Mobility needed to perform mobility-related activities of daily living (MRADL’s ) within the home
  2. The lowest level of equipment required to accomplish these tasks
  3. The equipment that is medically necessary to meet your needs.

Medicare requires that your physician and provider evaluate your needs and expected use of the mobility product you will qualify for. They must determine which is the least level of equipment needed to help you be mobile within your home to accomplish mobility-related activities of daily living.

A face-to-face examination with your physician to specifically discuss your mobility limitations and need for powered mobility is required prior to the initial setup of a power chair.

Your home must be evaluated to ensure it will accommodate the use of any mobility product.

You may also be asked to see a physical therapist or occupational therapist to determine the best fit and equipment selection for a more complex mobility device.

Other higher-level products that will allow you to do more beyond the confines of the home setting are available. You can discuss with your provider the option to upgrade to a higher level or more comfortable product by paying an additional out-of-pocket expense.