Wheelchair Seat Cushions- 5 Tips for Choosing the Right One for You

Wheelchair Seat Cushions: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right One for You

Did you know that 11.6% of those with travel-limiting impairments use wheelchairs? If you’re hoping to improve your mobility, the right wheelchair can make all the difference. Even more specifically, you’ll want to pay attention to the wheelchair seat so you can stay comfortable on the move.

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7 Popular Wheelchair Accessories

7 Popular Wheelchair Accessories

Being in a wheelchair can come with its assortment of hardships, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable or difficult to deal with. There are over 2.7 million people with disabilities that use a wheelchair to get around and interact with others. But what are the wheelchair accessories that everyone needs in their everyday life?

Helpful wheelchair accessories can make things more manageable and comfortable for those using a wheelchair. Other people may not be able to recognize how accessories can make a world of difference in many ways. Having the right wheelchair accessories can allow someone to move around easier and interact with others much more comfortably.

Are you looking for some of the best wheelchair accessories out there? Want to know which drive wheelchair accessories are the best pickups? Continue reading to know what options are available out there in our full guide.

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History of the Power Wheelchair

In the United States, an estimated 3.3 million people use wheelchairs, including 1.8 million who are aged 65 or older. There are approximately 2 million new wheelchair users per year. Globally, an estimated 131 million people (1.85% of the total population) require a wheelchair for a wide range of reasons.

Wheelchairs provide increased mobility and independence for users and allow them to take part in normal activities, despite their reduced mobility. The power wheelchair is a more recent invention, which has a number of additional benefits for users, including the ability to travel without experiencing fatigue. Power wheelchairs also offer greater independence to people with disabilities that limit their arm strength or movement.

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A Guide to Supporting Your Elderly Parents With Mobility Issues-min

A Guide to Supporting Your Elderly Parents With Mobility Issues

Mobility issues are no light matter. 13.7% of Americans with disabilities experience difficulties with their mobility, including when they are walking around on a level floor. This makes mobility disabilities the most common type of disability in the country.

If you have elderly parents with mobility issues, you are not alone. You should not feel helpless. You can get your parents the help they deserve once you know what they should have.

How can you get accommodations for your parents? How can you clean and maintain their home? What tools and therapies do they need?

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How To Help Someone With Mobility Issues

How To Help Someone With Mobility Issues

Did you know that one in four adults in the US has a disability that affects major life activities? Furthermore, one in seven adults has a disability type that affects mobility. You likely know several people who struggle with mobility issues, but it isn’t always clear how you can help.

There are many tools and resources available to you as a caregiver that can make helping someone you know much easier. How you help will depend on the specific needs of the person.

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Essential Tips for Flying With an Asheville Power Wheelchair

Essential Tips for Flying With a Power Wheelchair

The air travel industry is going sky-high! On May 25, 2022, more than 2.1 million Americans flew on at least one commercial flight. That’s just shy of pre-pandemic numbers.

This may make you think that flying with an Asheville power wheelchair is easy. In reality, it can be quite complicated. Before you book your tickets, you should do your research.

How should you prepare for your flight? How do TSA checkpoints work for people who use wheelchairs? What do you need to do about your wheelchair?

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Booking an Accessible Room with a Charlotte Rehab Chair

Booking an Accessible Room in Charlotte with a Rehab Chair

Traveling as a person with a disability can be challenging. With frequent reports of travelers’ wheelchairs being lost or delayed in transit, it can be hard for power wheelchair users to vacation with confidence.

You can help make sure that your trip is as comfortable as possible by booking an accessible room. These rooms are built with the needs of the disabled community in mind, so you won’t be left high and dry in your hotel room.

But if you aren’t already familiar with a hotel, it can be tricky to find the right accessible room, when bringing your Charlotte Rehab Chair.

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Maintaining Manual Wheelchairs- How to Care for Your Equipment

Maintaining Manual Wheelchairs: How to Care for Your Equipment

All across the country, there are more than 2.7 million people using wheelchairs in their everyday lives. These are some of the most helpful tools for giving people more freedom and access when they have physical limitations.

For those who use manual wheelchairs, it’s extremely important that they are never left without them. A broken or out-of-commission wheelchair is useless and leaves their user stranded until it can be fixed. It is obviously much better to do everything you can to avoid and prevent any issues to begin with.

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