Spartanburg, SC Rehabilitation Chairs: The Benefits of Seat Elevation in Complex Rehab Centers

Spartanburg, SC Rehabilitation Chairs

Around 75 million people in the world need a wheelchair daily, making wheelchair design essential. Sitting in a wheelchair all day can create limitations and result in complications.

Seat elevation is an important element for all wheelchairs but is often overlooked during the design process. When looking for options for rehabilitation chairs in Spartanburg, you should look for wheelchairs that include a seat elevation system.

This guide will go over everything you need to know about seat elevation and how you can benefit from it with your mobility device.

What is Seat Elevation?

Seat elevation is designed to lower and raise the height of your wheelchair seat. You’re able to stay steady and safe while this process happens.

The mechanism is located between the wheelchair seat and the base. It’s typically controlled by a button or a joystick on the wheelchair’s arms. There are different power wheelchairs available that offer vertical elevation and even recline or tilt the seat.

With seat elevation, you’re able to raise your wheelchair seat 10 to 14 inches up. This enables you to reach heights and get to a person’s eye level. You’ll have better access to cabinets, cooking surfaces, and countertops that aren’t handicap accessible.

The Benefits of Seat Elevation 

In addition to being higher up to reach different surfaces, seat elevation provides countless benefits for wheelchair users in Spartanburg.

Reduced Pain

Comfort and reduced pain are some important benefits to seat elevation. The seat elevation system enables the user to get in and out of the chair much easier, reducing the amount of pain they experience. You’ll be able to move out of your wheelchair when you get into bed, or onto a chair when you wake up, without needing any help.

The easier it is for you to move out of the wheelchair, the less pain you’ll feel on your hips and knees. With the reduction of strain and pain, you’ll also decrease the need for extra pressure on your extremities. This is great for those who have limited arm mobility.

Instead of having to stretch your arm to reach something in one of your cabinets, you can use the seat elevation system to raise yourself to the proper level. Experience less muscle strain and fatigue when you have a wheelchair with seat elevation.

Boost in Self-Confidence 

It isn’t always comfortable sitting at most people’s hip level. People who sit in wheelchairs often have to tilt their heads back to make eye contact with a person while having a conversation. Unfortunately, this can have an adverse effect on a person’s self-confidence.

When you have a seat elevation system on your wheelchair, you can have eye-level conversations with another person. Instead of being very aware that you’re sitting in a wheelchair, seat elevation works to bridge the divide. You’ll even be able to lift your seat high enough to have a conversation with a person who’s standing.

A seat elevation system can also improve your social skills. Feel comfortable initiating conversations when you can lift yourself to another person’s eye level. You’ll also feel more comfortable when you don’t have to tilt your neck to talk to someone.

Easier Transfer 

Some individuals need the help of one or more people when it comes time to transfer in and out of their wheelchair. It can be hard to find a comfortable and easy way to do this. Oftentimes, people choose to stay in their wheelchair since this process can be difficult.

Having an adjustable wheelchair can help simplify the transfer process. You can raise the height of your seat to match the height of wherever you want to go. It makes it easy for you to ensure an easy and quick transfer.

Since the transfer process is easier, you’ll be more inclined to move where you need to go on your own. You’ll have more freedom instead of feeling restricted in your chair. You can easily transfer into another chair or even your bed for a nap.

Increased Independence 

Needing to rely on another person to complete daily tasks or move around Spartanburg can take a hit on your self-esteem. You’ll also feel restricted when you’re dependent on another person’s daily schedule.

With improved accessibility from seat elevation, you’ll start to feel more independent. You can use your adjustable seat to help you complete tasks around your house, or you can take this newfound independence to other places, like restaurants or the grocery store.

Save Space and Money

Those in wheelchairs often have to make adjustments to their home and work situations, including investing in wheelchair-accessible homes. This can encompass using a special desk at work or lowering your countertops.

These changes can sometimes take up additional space at work or home. Having to make multiple renovations can result in your spending a lot of money.

With a wheelchair with seat elevation, you don’t have to worry about making as many changes. Invest in a power-adjustable wheelchair so you can raise and lower yourself to reach onto your countertops. You won’t have to go through the hassle of making permanent modifications when you can easily adjust your seat height when needed.

Before selecting a wheelchair with seat elevation, you should measure the height of various surfaces around your home. This will help you select a chair that will give you access to those surfaces.

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