7 Popular Wheelchair Accessories

7 Popular Wheelchair Accessories

Being in a wheelchair can come with its assortment of hardships, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable or difficult to deal with. There are over 2.7 million people with disabilities that use a wheelchair to get around and interact with others. But what are the wheelchair accessories that everyone needs in their everyday life?

Helpful wheelchair accessories can make things more manageable and comfortable for those using a wheelchair. Other people may not be able to recognize how accessories can make a world of difference in many ways. Having the right wheelchair accessories can allow someone to move around easier and interact with others much more comfortably.

Are you looking for some of the best wheelchair accessories out there? Want to know which drive wheelchair accessories are the best pickups? Continue reading to know what options are available out there in our full guide.

1 – Cushions Are a Must-Own

Those that have a wheelchair need to be comfortable when they sit on it. Having a cushion is a vital addition to anyone that uses a wheelchair every day. Not only can this help someone with their posture, but can also allow a degree of comfort as they sit in the wheelchair for an extended people of time.

Anyone with a medical condition that requires extra support will significantly benefit from having a good cushion on their wheelchair.

2 – Footrests Are Great

Being able to rest your feet is important if you’re sitting down for a long period of time. Those that use a wheelchair will need to position their feet in a way that elevates their legs to a higher position. This requires the feet to be placed in a comfortable spot as they move around.

Having a footrest is ideal and common among folding wheelchairs. Footrests can give a single platform or double platform on a wheelchair.

3 – Umbrellas for Wheelchairs

For the person who is moving around a lot outside, an umbrella accessory is a great thing to have. Nobody wants to be caught in the rain. Having an umbrella that can attach to the wheelchair will protect someone from the elements, whether it’s rain or shine.

Umbrella accessories are lightweight additions that can protect someone from the rain, sunshine, or any other extreme weather that might show up. Having a good umbrella that can withstand strong winds and other weather hazards is important.

4 – Cup Holder Can Help

A cup holder is a great accessory to have for anyone in a wheelchair. Sometimes, you’ll have a drink alone or with friends, and you’ll need to have something to hold onto the drink. This is why having a cup holder will be a great idea when moving around.

A universal wheelchair cup holder can be added to most wheelchairs, depending on your needs. Cup holders can come in a variety of sizes and designs for many different types of wheelchairs.

5 – The Storage Bag

A good storage bag will be a major asset to anyone in a wheelchair. This is great for holding onto everyday items that you might use frequently. This is essential for anyone that has items like cellphones, keys, quick snacks, and other items that one may use during their daily routine. There are many styles and colors to pick from, which can cater to anyone’s personality or specific needs.

This can be a great addition for things such as oxygen tanks and other items that one will use all the time. Anything from sunglasses to important medical supplies can be stored in bags like these and accessible when the time comes.

6 – The Portable Ramp

Having a portable ramp is a great option when you someone needs to get around places that are not easily wheelchair accessible. These ramps are lightweight and foldable to help when you need to get over an obstacle such as curbs and stairs. Portable ramps come in a variety of lengths to traverse any type of obstacle.

There are four types of portable ramps that are available. They are telescoping ramps, roll-up ramps, suitcase ramps, and threshold ramps.

7 – Automatic Door Openers

Those that are using wheelchairs may have some difficulty opening doors. Using a door opener with a motion sensor can make this much easier and add extra convenience. Those with disabilities and medical conditions will get the most use out of this, which can save a lot of time and effort.

The transmitter within the door opener lets the device communicate with any door that has a receiver. This can make entering rooms and opening doors so much more convenient for those that struggle to open doors while moving around. Pushing the bottom on a remote will open up the corresponding door when pushing the button.

Getting the Best Wheelchair Accessories

With our guide on some of the best wheelchair accessories you can find, you’ll be able to better equip your wheelchair for any situation. While being in a wheelchair can be a tough hardship, it doesn’t need to be even more difficult when going about your everyday life. Using any of the accessories within our guide will help make things easier and improve the quality of life for anyone using a wheelchair.

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