How Does a Rehabilitation Chair Work?

How Does a Rehabilitation Chair Work?

Were you recently diagnosed with a medical condition that could impact your independence? If so, your doctor likely talked to you about complex rehab technology (CRT). There are many devices in this category that help you remain mobile.

Wheelchairs are the perfect example, and wheelchair CRT only continues to grow. So much so that 86% of prescribed wheelchairs are considered to be CRT (which are often called physical rehabilitation or complex rehabilitation chairs).

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What is Complex Rehab Technology?

Before we cover physical rehabilitation chairs, let’s look more into CRT. CRT refers to any device that is customized to fulfill medical needs and is necessary for one’s condition. CRT devices are configured, evaluated, adjusted, fitted, and programmed in specific ways to uphold various methods of support.

Because of this, CRT is available to many patients with various medical conditions.

What is a Complex Rehab Chair?

Unlike manual rehab chairs, complex rehab chairs have additional features to cater to different conditions.

Most complex rehab chairs have electronic navigation and controls. Since you’re not manually operating the chair, this is ideal for those with disabilities and other issues.

Because complex rehab chairs are made for those with specific conditions, most chairs are customizable to meet different needs and conditions. Complex rehab chairs are an ideal choice for patients who need more than mobility. We will discuss this more in-depth in later sections.

The Importance of a Complex Rehabilitation Chair

Why would your doctor prescribe a physical rehabilitative chair? It’s because these chairs provide functional support and mobility.

Unlike other wheelchairs, complex rehabilitation chairs have different features to complete various day-to-day activities. These features are known as Mobility Related Activities of Daily Life, also called MRADLS.

Your chair can help you eat, get dressed, use the bathroom, cook, reach for objects, groom, and some chairs even have different communication functions. You can complete many of these functions independently or with limited assistance, depending on your condition and your daily needs.

How Do Complex Rehab Devices Differ from Durable Medical Equipment?

When people think of mobility equipment, they often think of traditional manual wheelchairs or even scooters, walkers, and canes. How do rehabilitative chairs differ?

Complex rehab chairs are more specialized. They have complex electronics and positioning components in addition to specialized seating. Complex rehab chairs are also highly customizable, which is something that durable medical equipment lacks.

Features of Complex Rehab Chairs

All rehab chairs are different, because many of them are customized for the user.

For example, many chairs have different seating arrangements ranging from deep, wide, and taller seating. Many chairs also have various seating and positioning angles. This is to ensure the user is comfortable and can adjust the seat to perform their core daily activities.

Complex rehabilitation chairs also offer different features for specific conditions. For example, those with cerebral palsy or ALS can choose specific navigation controls for easier mobility. Those who have back conditions can receive chairs with specialty cushions.

How Does a Rehab Power Chair Work?

All complex rehab chairs have vital functions as well as extra technologies, depending on the individual and their needs. Here are the different parts of the chair and how they work.

Navigation and Drive Controls

The chair’s navigation control system (also called access devices or drive controls) offers more than mobility.

Most chairs have either switches or joysticks for movement, but this can be customized to fit the user’s needs. For example, more chairs are becoming optimized for voice commands and other hands-free movement controls.

Wheelchair Base Chassis

The base of the chair holds vital components such as the casters, batteries, navigation unit, and more. Wheelchair bases have different drive wheel options:

  • Front-wheel drive
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Mid-wheel drive

All of these drive wheel options have their own benefits and downsides. Not only that, but the drive wheel affects the functionality of the chair. Make sure you research the best option for you and receive your doctor’s recommendation.

Recline and Tilt Technology

In addition to navigation, complex rehab chairs can tilt and recline to improve the user’s posture and relieve any physical pressures.

These functions involve the seat’s angle and backrest, correcting awkward joint angles and body positioning. This type of technology is also ideal for those who can’t shift or transfer their weight.

Seating and Positioning

You can adjust the positioning and seating on most complex rehab chairs. This improves comfort, making the quality of life better for many users.

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