Roanoke, VA Portable Mobility Scooters Users Can Rediscover Their Independence with a Vehicle Lift

Roanoke, VA Portable Mobility Scooters Users Can Rediscover Their Independence with a Vehicle Lift

If you or a loved one is mobility challenged, you likely understand the struggles of traveling, especially when it comes to getting into and out of a vehicle. Fortunately, there are more than portable mobility scooters that can assist you. A mobile lift can help you get to your location without the hassle of doing a physical lift, which can be extremely dangerous.

Are you interested in learning more about the numerous benefits of mobile lifts in the Roanoke area? Then check out our comprehensive guide below.

What Kind of Vehicle Lift Suits Me?

There are three popular vehicle lifts: an inside lift, an outside lift, and a hybrid lift. All of these vehicle access lifts have their pros and cons, depending on your specific needs.

Inside Vehicle Lift

An inside vehicle lift is designed to be fitted inside a vehicle. This kind of wheelchair lift is positioned in the loading area of a car or van. The hoist sits out of the vehicle and lifts the chair into the vehicle.

Although this is an automated device, there are still some physical steps that you will need to do. For example, this kind of truck lift requires you to stand for at least 2 to 3 minutes to wait for the lift to finish.

You might need to bend over depending on the position of the vehicle. You’ll need some strength to connect the docking device as well.

And be able to apply a good amount of pressure to the button which controls the lift. Nevertheless, this kind of vehicle lift is a great start to regaining your independence.

Hybrid Vehicle Lift

A hybrid lift is similar to an inside lift, but there are some key differences. For example, the lift is mounted on the cargo just like an inside lift. However, with this car lift, the mobility device can move outward and downward. This way, the mobility device can be placed straight onto the platform and then lift smoothly.

Also, just like the inside lift, a hybrid mobility scooter lift will have some physical requirements. For example, you’ll need to stand for two to three minutes, waiting for the lift to finish operating.

You’ll also need to push the mobility device on and off the platform, and some models will require you to fix the straps to make the mobility device less or more secure.

Outside Vehicle Lift

This kind of vehicle access lift is said to be the easiest to manage. The lift is placed to the vehicle via a hitch. The lift itself has an actuator and platform that safely carries the wheelchair on the vehicle’s back.

This kind of truck lift will require you to insert a key to activate the lift. Some models also have security attachments that need further adjustment. Lastly, you’ll push the mobility device onto and off the platform.

Single Arm Vehicle Lift

A single-arm lift doesn’t have a platform or a hydraulics system. Instead, it features fully electronic straps that support the mobility device as it moves up or down.

Be aware that the weight limit for this device is lower than other wheelchair lifts. However, this kind of truck lift doesn’t take up as much space as other lifts. With this kind of lift, you’ll need to adjust the straps and ensure the mobility device is appropriately aligned with the lift.

Under Vehicle Lift

An under-vehicle lift can store an array of different wheelchairs. This system works by deploying a lift from underneath the vehicle. This kind of car lift will tilt the wheelchair slightly to fit perfectly without any damage.

The lift can also roll up and down when it is in use. However, be aware that this kind of lift can only be placed on the sides of a car. So, if you’re looking for a cargo entry, this option is not the best for you.

Nevertheless, this kind of lift allows the driver to have complete visibility at every angle. With other types of lifts, the driver’s visibility can be compromised. However, an under-vehicle lift is entirely stable and sits away out of sight when not in use.

Single Post Vehicle Lift

A single post lift is different from a single-arm lift because it uses one hydraulic arm. You can extend and draw in the platform using this arm for quick storage. This means you can use it in a smaller vehicle.

Because this lift is installed at the rear of a vehicle, other passengers can get in or out quickly. However, be aware that this car lift has a limited weight allowance and is less stable than other lifts.

Dual Post Vehicle Lift

This kind of car lift is similar to a single lift, but it uses two hydraulic arms rather than just one. The arms safely and stably deploy the platform for quick and easy use.

Best of all, this platform folds for easier access. However, expect the passenger seat to become slightly restricted by the second arm. Nevertheless, many users report having an easier time accessing their wheelchairs using this style of lift.

A Vehicle Lift in Roanoke: More Pros Than Cons

A vehicle lift allows people with mobility challenges easy access to transportation and better storage for their mobility devices. In addition, they help people to regain some independence because they’re able to travel anywhere in and around Roanoke.

Of course, fitting a vehicle lift into an existing vehicle isn’t a DIY job, so factor in professional installation into your overall costs.

If you have any more questions about vehicle lifts and other mobility devices, contact Freedom Mobility Center today. Our experienced staff members are waiting to advise you.