Eight Ways to Save the Battery in Your Mobility Scooter

Eight Ways to Save the Battery in Your Mobility Scooter

If you physically depend on your mobility scooter to get around, you know how important its battery life is. You can’t go anywhere without it!

Worst case scenario would be for it to die in the middle of the crosswalk, at the store, or waiting in line. That’s every scooter rider’s nightmare.

If your mobility scooter battery isn’t lasting as long as you think it should, here’s an eight-point guide on how to extend its life.

  1. Don’t Let it Die!

Did you know that it’s best to let your phone fully die before recharging it? This actually helps the battery be stronger and last longer.

Your mobility scooter is NOT the same way! The best way to extend its life is to not let it die in the first place.

Don’t run it into the ground then expect the battery to last forever. Overtime, its longevity will lessen, and it’ll actually become weaker and weaker. Get in the habit of always charging it overnight to avoid letting it die.

  1. Charge After Each Use

In addition to always charging your mobility scooter overnight, you should also charge it after each use. Even if your outing only took 15 minutes. A great way to keep the battery capacity up is to recharge it immediately after draining any amount of it.

This may seem like overkill to you at first, but trust us, this will help your battery output.

Once you’re in the habit, it won’t seem weird anymore. In fact, it’ll become weird to you to not see your battery at 100% each time you ride it.

  1. Plug into the Battery First, Wall Second

This one might seem strange, but it does make a difference. Next time you go to charge your scooter, first plug into the battery, then plug into the wall.

You probably have never thought about the order in which you plug things in, but it effects the power system, believe it or not.

Then, when it’s done charging, always unplug from the wall first, then unplug the scooter.

  1. Store it Fully Charged

Let’s say you’re going away for a while and won’t be taking your mobility scooter. That’s totally fine, but you need to make sure you store it the right way.

Don’t just leave your scooter or toss it into storage right after a use. You must store it fully charged.

If you don’t, the battery will weaken significantly. It’ll get used to being at that 50 or 60%, which you don’t want. Charge it to 100% then stick it in storage.

  1. Store it in Correct Conditions

The amount of power in your battery isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to storing your scooter. You must store it in the proper conditions as well, or else it’ll quickly lose qualities about it that you love.

Store the battery in a cool, dry place. No extreme heat, no extreme cold. Extreme temperatures reduce the output and longevity of the battery.

Exposure to extreme temperatures will also make recharging the battery harder after the exposure. Do your battery a favor and find a room or unit with a moderate, consistent temperature.

  1. Charge Idle Scooters Once Per Month

Maybe you don’t use your mobility scooter every day. Maybe you use it once a week or even less. Maybe you only have it for things like vacations or long excursions.

If your mobility scooter is often idle like this, it’s important to still charge it once per month. It might be tempting to just let it be, but you don’t want to decrease its effectiveness over time. Pick a consistent date each month, mark it on your calendar, and always charge your scooter on that day.

Questions about charging, usage, and storage are very common with power chairs. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions: it could save the life of your battery!

  1. Consider Just Leaving it Plugged-In

Do you have a habit of unplugging your chair even if you’re not about to use it? You’re probably afraid of overcharging it or somehow hurting the battery.

Don’t worry, you won’t hurt the battery by continuously charging it. In fact, you should consider just leaving it plugged in.

It cannot “overcharge.” The only consequences are positive. So, if you have the space, the ability, and the extra outlet, don’t hesitate to just leave it plugged in.

  1. Consider Switching Batteries

Last but not least, you can always get a new battery. Try the first seven tips first, then if your battery still isn’t everything you’d like, consider a new one.

Have you heard of the GEL battery? This is the battery recommend for the daily, constant scooter user. If you truly depend on your scooter, the GEL battery might be best for you.

It lasts longer because it produces more cycles. It’s supposed to be the best mobility scooter battery available.

If you had a GEL battery and applied the first seven tips, you would have optimal scooter performance. You will never have to worry about your mobility power chair dying in the crosswalk ever again.

Your Mobility Scooter Battery Can Last Longer

If you’re worried about affording a brand new mobility scooter battery, don’t worry, getting a new battery is your last resort. You have seven other options to help your current battery last longer.

Try these tips and you’ll surely see a difference in your battery’s strength and longevity. If you’re looking at mobility scooters, feel free to contact us. Reach out to us with questions, inquiries, or to request an in-home assessment.