The Benefits of Seat Elevation in Complex Rehab Chairs

Benefits of Seat Elevation in Complex Rehab Chairs

3.6 million people over the age of 15 use a wheelchair. Every single year, there’s an additional 2 million people who start requiring a wheelchair too.

Unfortunately, sitting in a wheelchair all day causes complications and creates limitations. As a result, people who sit in a wheelchair every day require more help from friends and family members.

With seat elevation, even patients in complex rehab chairs can experience newfound independence.

With the benefits of seat elevation, you can increase your independence and simplify life in your new complex rehab chair.

Reduced Pain

One of the first benefits of seat elevation in complex rehab chairs is comfort. Elevators can reduce the pain wheelchair bound individuals experience every day.

While the seat is a huge part of it, it’s not the only thing that’s comfy. A seat elevation system makes the process of moving out of a wheelchair less painful.

That means you’ll experience less pain when you move into bed, onto the toilet, or into a chair. Instead of requiring help, you can make the move without hurting yourself.

The easier it is to transfer yourself out of your chair, the less pain you’ll experience on your knees and hips. When you reduce pain and strain, you also reduce the need for extensive strength in your extremities.

This is especially beneficial for people with limited arm mobility.

Even reaching for the top shelf in your kitchen can cause unnecessary strain. Instead of stretching your arm, you can use your seat elevation system. All you need to do is raise the height of your seat.

As a result, patients with complex rehab chairs can use adjustable seat height settings without straining themselves.

Ease of Transfer

In addition to reducing your pain during these transfers, a seat elevation system can also make the process easier.

Some people require a few pairs of hands to transfer out of their wheelchairs. Unfortunately, finding a comfortable process for this isn’t always easy. In some cases, the transfer to a bed or chair is so difficult that people choose to remain in their wheelchair instead.

A seat elevation system can make it easier for patients to move out of their complex rehab chairs.

Whether you’re moving into your bed, onto the couch, or need to use the restroom, a power-adjustable seat can simplify the process.

Patients can raise the height of the wheelchair seat to match the height of the surface they’re moving to. This makes it easier for patients to ensure a swift and easy transfer.

Once the transfer is easier, patients are also more inclined to move around on their own.

That means more freedom for you to move around your home. Instead of feeling restricted to your wheelchair, you can transfer to a different chair, or into bed for a nap. With a seat elevation system, the process is no longer a time-consuming hassle.

Instead, you have the freedom to move as you’d like, when you’d like, without asking for help.

Increased Self-Confidence

Sitting at everyone else’s hip-level isn’t always comfortable. Wheelchair bound patients are also left to tilt their heads back to hold a conversation. In some cases, this can take a hit to a person’s confidence.

By elevating their seats, wheelchair bound patients can have a conversation at eye level with someone else. Instead of being keenly aware they’re in a wheelchair, a seat elevation system can bridge the divide. Wheelchair bound patients can even lift their seats to speak to someone who is standing up.

Adjustable seat height makes it easier to have conversations.

In addition to improving a person’s self-confidence, the adjustable seat can also benefit their social skills. In a social environment, they can lift themselves to someone’s eye level to start a conversation. Without the height difference, people will feel more inclined to initiate these conversations.

As an added bonus, it can also reduce the risk of neck and back strain. By elevating their chair, these patients can improve their visibility and comfort.

More Independence

The most common types of disabilities involve difficulties with walking or independent living. Needing to rely on someone else to get around or complete simple tasks can feel tedious in time.

It can also make a wheelchair bound patient feel like they’re restricted to another person’s schedule.

By improving a patient’s day-to-day accessibility, a seat elevation system can also help patients feel more independent. Instead of needing someone else complete small household tasks for them, they can use their power-adjustable seat. Instead of needing help moving to a bed, they can do it on their own.

Instead of feeling dependent on help from others, wheelchair users can function in the world on their own. They’re able to lift and lower their seat as needed. This gives them the power of independence regardless of the environment they’re in.

Whether it’s at home, at the grocery store, or in a restaurant, a seat elevation system can make it easier for wheelchair users to function without help from others.

Save Money and Space

Wheelchair users often need to make work and home adaptations to make maneuvering in their wheelchairs easier. This can include lowering kitchen cabinet items onto countertops or using a specific desk at work.

In some cases, these changes can take up more space at home or at work. Wheelchair users might also end up spending a lot of money to make these accommodations.

With the benefits of seat elevation, you don’t have to worry about making so many changes.

Instead, you can save money and space by investing in a power-adjustable seat.

Seat Elevation in Complex Rehab Chairs

There are so many benefits of seat elevation in complex rehab chairs. With this add on, wheelchair users can change their lives. Experience more mobility and independence than before with a power-adjustable seat.

Contact us today for a free at-home assessment before making the switch to a seat elevation system.