What Accessories Should I Get for My Complex Rehab Chair?

What Accessories Should I Get for My Complex Rehab Chair?

Do you have a wheelchair or power chair that is in need of a bit of TLC and a personal touch?

Your daily mobility should be effortless. It’s important that you feel happy and comfortable getting around from A to B with a certain air of grace and style. This is where wheelchair accessories and attachments come in.

There are so many options and add-ons to choose which can positively impact your levels of comfort. Not to mention that customization helps to show a bit of your flair and personality.

Our Complex Rehab Chairs are perfect vessels to add these little details and accessories. Check out our comprehensive guide to ensure you are always making a grand entrance.

Wheelchair Accessories: The Cushion

Aesthetics can be a big factor when it comes to wheelchair accessories, but you need to prioritize being comfortable first. Picking the correct support cushion for your needs is vital for your overall core stability and helps to alleviate any discomfort.

Once you have done that, it’s time to have some fun. There are plenty of customizable options in terms of seat covers to select and place right underneath you. You can even change it depending on your mood or have one for every day of the week.

From bright bold patterns to leopard print to cartoon monkeys, there is sure to be a seat cover that matches your style. It can be a great talking point and a fabulous way to add a bit of color to your chair.

Riding on the Open Road: Wheelchair Covers

What’s great about your wheelchair or power chair is that it can give you a level of freedom you’ve never had before. The troublesome thing with freedom is that it can often be a bit messy. Dirt picked up from the outside can be a nightmare to clean and wipe off if it gets in your house.

That’s why it’s good to invest in a pair of wheelchair covers or slippers, as they are sometimes known. Just pop them on whenever you are at home to prevent any nasty transfer and to keep your floors or carpets dirt-free.

It means less hassle and stress for you. You can travel as much as you like without fear of having to mop or hoover each day.

Lights, Camera, Action

Sometimes you just want all eyes on you, and what better way to do that then adding some accessory lights to attach to your wheels or your caster? They make sure that nobody can look away.

You can even get ones that flash up a message of your choosing, with an array of colors to make everything stand out. It’s a great accessory for parties and festive seasons.

Also, there are other lights you can attach to your wheelchair to help with visibility at nighttime. LED lights can be fitted to the front and back of your chair to help other people being able to see you clearly.

Keeping Your Hands Protected

Sustained and repetitive use of a certain body part will put stress on it after a period of time. That’s why it can be useful to pick up a specialist pair of wheelchair accessory gloves.

They are usually weighted and molded in specific areas of the glove to provide extra protection on the pressure points. There is a wide range of wheelchair gloves for different purposes, such as sports, winter, or just your everyday gloves.

It might be helpful to pick up a pair to make sure you aren’t left with any blisters or unnecessary pain in your hands.

Navigating the Outdoors Safely

It’s unfortunate to think about but there are still quite a few environments that are not exactly wheelchair friendly. This is why it might be beneficial to invest in a couple of accessories if the worst happens and your access is restricted.

Portable ramps can be useful and easy to carry around in a bag or by a friend or family member. They can be easily placed on the ground to correct an uneven surface and ensure your access to any buildings, public transport, or event.

Rearview mirrors can also be a helpful accessory when spaces are tight and you might need to check behind you, without straining your neck. This is ideal when you are in a position where you need to reverse or have limited movement in your upper body.

Sharing the Load

If you fancy spending more time with your family or loved ones, why not invest in a ride-along platform which they can stand on and travel with you?

It’s a lovely way to feel closer to them and it can usually withstand approximately 300 pounds without adding any additional weight to the wheelchair.

Lunch on the Go

Because wheelchairs and power chairs are so adaptable, you can attach all sorts of items such as umbrella holders, bag holders, and even a table if you want.

If you don’t like using your dining table, or you are just out and about and fancy a quick snack, you can attach a custom-made table to your chair for all your feasting needs.

It’s quick, easy, and perfect for having a cup of coffee on whilst you are taking a five-minute break.

Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope this has given you a whole range of ideas about what wheelchair accessories you will need to buy for your Complex Rehab Chair. From wheelchair gloves to spoke lights to rearview mirrors, we are sure you will have the perfect chair for you in no time.

If you have any further questions or queries about Complex Rehab chairs or any of our other ranges, please don’t hesitate to contact us.