What the Future Has in Store for Wheelchair Users

What the Future Has in Store for Wheelchair Users

Most wheelchair users wish they had a better wheelchair. The one they have is heavy, bulky, uncomfortable, or could even cause them pain. Most are not aesthetically pleasing and do little to boost the morale of the wheelchair user.

Whether you’re using a wheelchair as part of your rehabilitation, or need a wheelchair permanently in your life, you’re probably all too familiar with the feeling that there must be better wheelchairs out there. If only you could get your hands on one, or better yet, sit in one.

If you’ve ever wondered what the future holds in store for wheelchair users, look no further. This article will focus on wheelchair future tech and design features in Complex Rehab Chairs and touch on innovations that were once the stuff dreams were made of.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is that branch of tech that focuses on helping people with disabilities. Wheelchairs fall into the category of assistive technology designed to provide physical assistance to those unable to walk.

As most people know, wheelchairs are divided into two kinds: manual and motorized. That is a basic definition that does not take into account the very many different needs people have.

The kind of wheelchair best suited to your needs will depend on your age, size, and the condition from which you suffer. Adaptive manual wheelchairs are built so that the backrest, seat, and even the chassis can be adjusted to suit an individual’s body measurements and, so some extent, the user’s level of impairment.

Motorized Complex Rehab Chairs offer a much wider range of features that assist with user mobility, but also take into account the individual’s precise needs arising from the physical challenges they face.

The “complex” part of the Complex Rehab Chair is twofold: the technology used is complex, but so are the actions that the chair can perform. Let’s take a look at the assistive actions this chair can perform, making life easier for wheelchair users and their caregivers and families.

What the Future Has in Store for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair users can look forward to streamlined functions that work more efficiently and reliably than ever before. Take, for example, battery life.

It is always a good idea to ensure that your wheelchair has the right type of battery for your daily needs and that you know how to maximize its lifespan.

Battery Power

Driven by the need for cleaner fuel, battery technology has progressed in leaps and bounds. Small, rechargeable batteries that last longer and go further are also now cheaper. That’s good news, but let’s get on to the nine different models of Complex Rehab Chairs we have developed.

All the Bells and Whistles

One of the nine amazing mobility machines in our range is the Q6 Edge HD. It incorporates all of the essential technologies that help keep you the right way up and moving in the right direction.

For starters, the Q6 Edge HD was designed to take care of everything the most active user might need.


Anyone who has ridden rough-shod over cobblestones knows that great suspension is a blessing. It prevents you from experiencing unnecessary pain and reduces wear and tear on your mobility chariot.


The mid-wheel 6 design has two large wheels located on either side in the center position, flanked by two small wheels on either side as stabilizers. Much like a kid’s bicycle, this design does two things.

The two big wheels allow you to traverse rougher terrain, while the four small wheels provide the balance you need while covering rough ground. The positioning of the wheels is a product of years of design research. The wheelchair remains stable and safe, even when in a standing position.

Power Positioning Systems

It’s a fact that most of the world was not built for wheelchairs. That’s why we have built wheelchairs to fit the world. Maneuvering a wheelchair in restricted spaces can get even the fittest of wheelchair users working up a sweat. If you’ve had to do this, you know it can be exhausting.

Save your energy for better things. Let the Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Control System do all the fiddly backward, forward, and sideways stuff for you.

Optional LED Fender Lights

We realize that wheelchair users like optional extras. Long-lasting LED fender lights let others know that there is a moving vehicle in the vicinity.

Moving Parts and Repairs and Maintenance

And power machine with moving parts needs maintenance and repair from time to time, even if you do have an accident-free record.

Freedom Mobility Center performs maintenance and repairs at your home by arrangement with you and your caregiver. If a major repair is required away from your home, we offer a loan chair to ensure that you are mobile while your chair is being repaired.

What About Me?

The Freedom Mobility Center has assistive technology professionals who work closely with physicians, therapists, and you, the person who will be using the wheelchair, to ensure maximum independence and maximum mobility. Its services cover the four states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.

If you are unsure about the kind of wheelchair you need now, we are only too happy to help you, and your family make the right decision and find the solution that is best for you. You might not need a Complex Rehab Chair with all the bells and whistles on right now. We are sure, though, that you will need a chair that is at the very least sturdy, reliable and versatile – and we have plenty of those.

If you’ve ever wondered what the future has in store for wheelchair users such as yourself, remember that we consider our in-home assessment is an essential part of the service we provide. The answer to your question is likely to be precisely what you need right now.

Contact us. You will be so glad that you did, especially when you begin to use your amazing new mobility machine.