Why a Solid Back is Preferred Over a Slingback

Why a Solid Back is Preferred Over a Slingback

Wheelchair users can benefit from having proper back support. Yet, the problem many users face is finding the mobility device that best suits their back needs. Most are looking for a wheelchair that increases mobility and offers optimal back support.

Most wheelchairs are built for specific disabilities. This can make it difficult to find the right option for you. After all, finding a wheelchair that meets your needs will offer the best results.

That includes finding one that provides the right amount of back support. If you are looking to learn how to achieve better back support with a wheelchair, you should consider using a solid back wheelchair.

It is said that solid back wheelchairs offer a higher level of back support than slingback wheelchairs. Being that choosing the right wheelchair is very important, we thought it would be helpful to understand the reasons why.

A Solid Back Provides Better Pelvic Support

One of the reasons a solid back chair is preferred over a slingback chair is because solid back wheelchairs offer better pelvis support. This includes if your wheelchair has solid back inserts.

Solid back chairs help users properly align their bodies with their chairs. In a standard slingback wheelchair, the makeup of the chair is constructed differently. The upholstery design creates a sagging effect, which can decrease the support on the back and pelvis.

Solid backs are built to eliminate this sagging effect. Solid backs also have a height difference. Research suggests this height difference provides for more adequate postural support.

Another way solid back chairs provide better support is with trunk stability and balance.

Solid back wheelchairs support the natural curves within the spine, which help foster better support in the lower back. Also, depending on the design of your solid back chair, it may have enhanced cushions.

These cushions promote stability in the pelvic area by redistributing pressure. This ultimately minimizes peak pressure points that can lead to a reduction in pain. Additionally, a solid back wheelchair helps increase comfort levels while sitting.

A wheelchair with a solid back can help people with joint stiffness or uncontrolled movements. This would include body spams, because it can help take the pressure off certain nerves.

It’s clear that solid back wheelchairs offer better pelvic support. When using one, you are less likely to develop postural abnormalities or worsen them.

Maximized Propulsion Efficiency

A solid back wheelchair can provide users with the appropriate level of postural support. This includes a maximized level of propulsion. Depending on the needs of the user, extra support might be needed for various reasons.

A solid back wheelchair can achieve that. The reason being that when there is low propulsion for a wheelchair user, it can cause injuries to other areas of the body. A solid back wheelchair can help reduce and minimize that strain.

More Shape and Size Options 

A wheelchair can provide the appropriate support when it meets your needs. This includes environmental and lifestyle conditions. There are a lot of solid back wheelchair options.

This is a huge benefit that can really help wheelchair users with their mobility. The seating and the elevation of a solid back wheelchair matter too.

Solid back wheelchairs offer a variety of shapes and sizes to provide a proper fit. Again, this provides more evidence of the postural support principles mentioned before.

Solid back wheelchairs are durable and reliable, which makes them safe to use. Solid back wheelchairs are readily available, which can offer easier access when you need them.

Being that solid back wheelchairs come in various shapes or sizes; they can be fitted for a person’s unique needs. This can improve their level of comfort and physical support that is needed.

Solid back wheelchairs can properly assist their users with better overall health outcomes. The reason being it helps increase their functionality.

A Solid Back is Adjustable

Another notable reason why a solid back wheelchair is preferred over a slingback is the fact it’s adjustable. Adjustability is a feature that is most important for wheelchair users. This is especially true when they are looking for back support.

A wheelchair with a solid back can provide the appropriate angles and depth needed for adjustability. When a wheelchair user’s body is adequately aligned, it fosters better support.

Simply put, a solid back can provide a healthy seat-to-back angle. This can improve comfort, stability, and functionality.

Those are key benefits for users. The adjustable aspect of a solid back wheelchair can better align with the user’s anatomy.

When a wheelchair user operates their chair with a proper axle position, it leads to a higher level of back support. This can ensure that the wheelchair is being operated in the optimal position, which can lead to a decrease in pain.

Adjustability in a solid back wheelchair may also help decrease the chances of further injury in the back, pelvis, and shoulders.

Helping You with Your Needs

There are many considerations that go into selecting the right wheelchair. A solid back wheelchair can provide you with the appropriate back support, and many other benefits. The main purpose of using a solid back wheelchair should be to meet your lifestyle needs.

We specialize in finding the best way to understand and support your level of independence. Our dedicated team of mobility specialists can help you find the right solution to your needs.

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